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1-on-1 Discovery

Use the 1-on-1 discovery tool to build your network. Filter and browse  profiles of a specific creator type in any location, and get in touch! 

Model looking for a photographer? Connected. 

Guitarist looking for someone to jam with? Connected

Dancer looking for others to groove with? Connected. 

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Image by Siddhant Kumar


Don't have a go-to squad in your area, or somewhere you're going? Not a problem. The project space helps you build a squad. 

Have a specific idea of something you want to create, but no one to create it with? Throw a project down with a specific location and time, and just wait for those collab requests to start rolling in. 


A creator should NEVER have to worry about someone they are meeting with. 

If someone is unsafe to work with, members of our community can mark them as such. Next time someone considers working with them, they will see others have had a bad experience with them.. 

You're safe with us. 

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