Image by Marvin Meyer


This is our team of leaders that makes it all happen. 

Conner roach

Co-Founder and CEO

Engineer by day, creator by night. Conner has a full time gig working as an engineer for General Motors, but loves to create in his free time! 

Conner is our Visionary. His job is to understand what type of product can make the life of a creator easier, and then figure out how to build it! 

Back in college he picked up the hobby of photography, and loves to get out and shoot when he can! One of the photos in the gallery to the left is a shot of his from when he hiked Half Dome in Yosemite National park!


Conner grew up with various construction jobs, so he likes to dabble with woodworking as well.


DJ Conner

Co-Founder and Coo

Amateur musician, professional investor. DJ co-founded Connective with Conner (yup, his last name is Conner's first name) and focuses on day-to-day execution and the operations of the platform.

DJ is a classicly trained guitarist and, when he's not crunching numbers, spends his time jamming with friends and recording music. He has a particular affinity for blues improvisation and can often be found in his apartment playing along to tunes by B.B King, Jimi Hendrix and Gary Clark Jr.  While Conner handles product detail, DJ brings business acumen and operational expertise to the team. A self-defined optimistic realist, DJ is dedicated to creating a platform that creates true, long-term value to our end-user.


Alex zlatkus

head of design

Alex is a passionate designer who can spend hours thinking about a single button. With a history in customer support, he has the utmost empathy for the user, and this shows in his work.

Alex's job at Connective is to bring our vision to life. When we learn we want to create an certain type of experience for our users, Alex gets to work and determines what that experience on our app will look like. 

Alex works full time at LogicManager, designing SaaS solutions in the risk management industry and loves publishing UX articles on Medium.

In the early mornings you’ll find Alex fishing, or running while at night he’ll probably be watching hockey or Ridiculousness.